Prescriptions Filled

Your eyeglass prescription will be expertly filled. We specialize in fitting progressive, bifocal and trifocal lenses. We offer all lens types and treatments. Your glasses will be adjusted so that they are comfortable and aesthetically correct. We specialize in custom prescription lenses for all types of frames: vintage, sunglasses, oversized, and rimless. We also offer small repairs, frame adjustments and replacement of missing screws or nose pads.

Prescription Lenses Duplicated

Many people are happy with their existing prescription and would just like to have a new pair of eyeglasses made. Bring us your old prescription eyeglasses (the ones you had made somewhere else before you fond us) and we will have your prescription duplicated. We can then make a completely new pair of eyeglasses or sunglasses for you.


We utilize state of the art independent optical laboratory to fabricate and cut your lenses. This type of high precision lens finishing equipment is extremely expensive and usually not available at “lab-on-premises” type of optical stores. Therefore, no…… won’t get your glasses in 1 hour; yes……you’ll get them expertly and precisely made in two to three days.

Eyewear Selection

We offer an extensive and unique eyewear collection. You will find many frames from high end designers to generic economy type (and don’t forget...... all at super low price many starting at $25).


Lenses Selection

We offer lenses from many supreme lens manufactures: Varilux, Carl Zeiss, Transitions, DriveWear, Essilor, Nikon and provide an extensive variety of lens type and treatment: Progressives, Photochromic, Polycarbonate, Trivex, Hi-Index supper thins, Polarized, Crizal, Sunglass Tint,  Anti- Reflection Coating, Anti-UV, Anti-Scratch, Hydrophobic water repelling A/R coating, Oleophobic fingerprint resistant A/R coating and many more (once again at least 50% less expensive than other optical).